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Tree Removal Isn't Always The Only Option

Although emergency tree removal is one of our most popular services, removing a tree isn't a solution we always seek. As arborists, we care about trees because they are essential to the environment. If we can save a tree, we encourage customers to seek our tree care in Attleboro rather than remove a tree.

Our tree experts provide tree care and removal services in Attleboro, Plainville, Foxborough, Mansfield, and Norton. We can remove branches, shrubs, roots, and stumps. And we can perform tree pruning, tree trimming, shrub trimming, and other services.

If you need a tree on your property removed but prefer to salvage it, we may be able to help! Call Attleboro Tree Service today to get a free estimate on tree care in Attleboro.

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Our Extraordinary Tree Care in Attleboro

Minimize Hazards With Tree Trimming Services

Falling tree limbs not only damage your property but could also injure you or guests on your property. While most conclude that their tree is dead because the limbs keep falling, we usually find that instead they need tree trimming in Attleboro.

This allows the trees to grow correctly by eliminating weak or decaying limbs so that healthy limbs and branches can thrive. Removing old, dead branches and limbs minimizes the chances of tree limbs falling and promotes healthy tree growth.

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Professional Tree Pruning in Attleboro

Tree pruning goes hand-in-hand with tree trimming. While tree trimming focuses on removing dead limbs, pruning focuses on getting rid of limbs and branches that may cause problems for the tree in the future. These tree limbs may not be old or decaying, but they will start to cause the tree to grow in a way that may cause limbs to fall or make the tree branches lean. Trees that lean can cause damages to you or your neighbor's roof if they are in proximity. So, to prevent such a problem from occurring, our highly skilled arborists look for limbs and branches that may compromise the tree's integrity and remove them before any issues arise.

If you want us to keep your tree from damaging your property or your neighbor's property, call us today to get a free quote on tree care in Attleboro.

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Make Your Trees Into Art With Tree Shaping

While many people believe that tree shaping is just something fancy to do, it is actually a beneficial process. It can be an expression of art, but it also encourages the tree to grow in a certain way. This is especially helpful if you want to discourage your trees from damaging your roof or interfering with solar panel reception.

During the tree shaping process, we not only remove limbs that may cause problems for the tree later, but we also may weave branches together in a way to allow them to grow in a specific pattern.

As a result, your trees will look aesthetically pleasing and be very functional.

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Planting & Transplanting Tree Care in Attleboro

Although we are in the business of tree removal, our first order of business is to preserve and grow them. Trees are significant to the environment and provide many benefits. If you need trees planted on your property to keep your property cool by providing natural shade, we can plant trees for you. We provide these services to both residential and commercial customers.

If you have a tree on your property that you like but don't like where it is located on the property, we can also transplant it for you. This is a process in which we remove the tree and place it in another place in the yard. This will open up room in your landscaping while allowing the tree to continue to live.

Are you interested in having a tree relocated to another part of your property? Call one of our expert arborists now to learn more and get a free quote.

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See Out Of Your Driveway With Our Shrub Trimming Services

Have you been trying to exit your driveway recently, but the overgrown bushes make it difficult for you to see oncoming traffic or pedestrians? We don't want this hazard to get any more out of hand for you. By trimming your shrubs, we can help you see better as you leave your property.

This ensures your safety and the safety of other drives and pedestrians. Even if your shrubs aren't blocking the street view, they may harm your home's curb appeal if they are growing wildly in front of your home. Sometimes shrubs can even turn brown and appear dead if they aren't properly pruned and trimmed.

Don't let your shrubs make your house look bad or cause a hazard. Click the button below to get started with your free quote on shrub care in Attleboro.

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Cabling & Bracing Tree Care in Attleboro

If your tree hasn't been properly trimmed and pruned over the years, this may result in the overgrowth of tree limbs and jeopardize the structure of your tree. As a result, you may have a weak tree, and it could blow down onto you or your neighbor's property during a storm. Instead of removing the tree, we may try to salvage it by cabling and bracing it.

On a healthy tree that is structurally compromised, we place cables and braces on them to encourage vulnerable parts of the tree to become stronger. However, if we inspect the tree and discover that it is severely damaged, we will suggest removal instead of cabling and bracing.

You don't have to live in fear of your tree toppling over on your property during the next major storm. Instead, call us right now to get started with tree care in Attleboro.

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We May Be Able To Revive Your Tree With Disease Treatment

Have you noticed limbs and branches falling from your tree even after receiving proper and regular tree care in Attleboro? Then, the structure of your tree may be under attack by pests or fungus growth. In most cases, we can salvage your tree by treating it with tree injections.

Our injections get rid of spider mites, termites, borers, and other unwanted pests. These injections also eliminate fungus growth. As a result, we may be able to make your tree healthy again and won't have to remove it.

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"I have used Attleboro Tree Removal countless times over the years. I'm always happy with the professional, efficient services they provide. Today I required a large tree removal due to a large pine tree that was growing close to the power lines. As usual, the crew was communicative throughout the process and cleaned up everything when they left. Will be using them again!"
- Jason M.

Our Tree Care and Removal Service Areas

Did you know that we provide tree care services in other areas besides Attleboro? We deliver our top-rated tree care and removal services in Plainville, Foxborough, Mansfield, and Norton. If your bushes or trees seem to be dying, we can attempt to revive them or remove the tree if you'd like. Also, we provide stump removal, root removal, and tree pest control. If you are wondering whether we service your area, don't hesitate to call. Our customer service team is ready to help with all your tree service needs.

Everything a Tree Removal Service Should Be

Attleboro Tree Removal Services is your one-stop-shop for tree cutting, branch removal, and everything between! We look forward to making your landscape look better. Call us at (508) 392-5454
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