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Top-Rated Tree Care and Removal Services

Many homeowners underestimate the need for tree care services. While trees are relatively independent, there are times when they pose a threat to your safety or property. So, this is why we offer tree service in North Attleboro. Take a look at some of the great services we offer.

  • Tree trimming and pruning
  • Limb and branch removal
  • Tree planting and transplanting
  • Shrub care and removal
  • Cabling and bracing
  • Tree and shrub removal

These are just a few of our offerings. Don't see your tree service need on the list? One of our skilled team members can discuss your options with you in a no-obligation consultation. Call Attleboro Tree Service today!

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See what our customers have to say:
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"I have used Attleboro Tree Removal countless times over the years. I'm always happy with the professional, efficient services they provide. Today I required a large tree removal due to a large pine tree that was growing close to the power lines. As usual, the crew was communicative throughout the process and cleaned up everything when they left. Will be using them again!"
- Jason M.
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Why You Need Lot Clearing Tree Service In North Attleboro

Would you like to improve your property by adding a swimming pool or another form of recreation, such as a tennis court? Or would you like to transform your yard by adding hardscapes? If so, you may need to get a land-clearing tree service in North Attleboro. 

With such a service, one of our expert arborists will view your yard and take inventory of trees, shrubs, and other vegetation that needs removal. Then, once we determine what needs removal and acquire the proper permits, we get to work clearing and excavating the land for your residential project. 

In addition to a residential lot and land clearing, we also provide commercial services. So, if you are a developer that's ready to build and needs a tree company to remove a substantial amount of trees, vegetation, and boulders, we can help. 

Call today to schedule an inspection and get a FREE estimate on our outstanding land-clearing services. In the meantime, check out our informative tree blog


Services You Should Consider

Stump Removal

How harmful can a stump be? The answer is: very harmful. While a stump may seem to be harmless, it can actually cause substantial damages. For one, it can attract harmful pests such as termites or borers which can infest your home. Additionally, they can become a trip hazard for guests on your property. To learn more about the benefits of this service, call today!

Limb and Branch Removal

Do you have satellite or solar panels on your home? If you've been experiencing problems with reception lately, it is possible that the problem isn't your equipment. If you have trees surrounding your home, limbs and branches may be blocking reception. Our limb and branch removal is great for clearing these blockages. 

Pest and Disease Treatment

Did you know that pests and diseases could be lurking in the trunk, root, or canopy of your trees? As a result, this could lead to severe structural damage to your tree over the long-term. Getting our pest and disease treatment can eliminate the disease or pest infestation and minimize the chances of your tree collapsing on your property. 

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What's So Special About Us?

We Have the Credentials

You can't trust your tree removal services to just anyone. Inexperienced tree trimmers and pruners can cause trees substantial damage. This is why it pays to get the help of those who know what to do and have the credentials to back it up. Want to know what skills and insurance we have? Call us to learn more. 

Over 20 Years Experience

While we may have started off as a small team, we have grown substantially over the past 20 years. Our team members have 10+ years of experience in the tree industry and we all work hard to ensure quality service every time. You can count on us to make sure your satisfied with whatever tree service in North Attleboro you need. 

Top-Rated Techniques

We're not a weekend warrior kind of crew that is equipped with shabby equipment. Tree care and removal involves a great degree of skill and proper equipment to safely care for and remove trees. Our team stays up-to-date on the latest and best practices and use state-of-the-art equipment to keep us safe and our customers' property damage-free.
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Everything a Tree Removal Service Should Be

Attleboro Tree Removal Services is your one-stop-shop for tree cutting, branch removal, and everything between! We look forward to making your landscape look better. Call us at (508) 392-5454
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