Tree Root Removal in Attleboro is Essential for Your Property

Why You May Need Tree Root Removal in Attleboro

Have you ever mowed your grass and rolled your mower over a tree root, and almost destroyed your lawnmower? You may need tree root removal in Attleboro. Rain or wind may erode the soil around a tree and expose its roots. Unfortunately, it may not be noticeable until you do lawn care work and accidentally roll over an exposed root. Nicking the tree root with a lawnmower blade may destroy the lawnmower and harm the tree. While you may not experience problems with the tree right away, this damage may encourage fungus to grow. It could even cause long-term structural damage that can eventually kill the tree.

If you have noticed that your roots are starting to become exposed in your yard, it's time to resolve the issue. Not only could exposed tree roots destroy your lawn care equipment, but they can also become a trip hazard for your guest, causing injuries. It can even lead to foundation damage and cause your sidewalks to buckle.

Don't let tree roots take over your yard and damage your property! Call today to get our tree experts out for an inspection and a FREE quote on residential tree root removal from Attleboro Tree Removal Services.

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Are Exposed Tree Roots a Concern?

Many homeowners come across an exposed tree root and disregard it as no big deal. They may even resort to trying to remedy the problem themselves by either covering it with soil or killing it with chemicals. However, it is best to let a skilled arborist handle the situation regarding exposed tree roots. These methods can potentially kill the tree and lead to even more significant issues such as collapse. In addition, a fallen tree can cause property damage and even injury.

Call us instead of pursuing do-it-yourself remedies to get rid of the tree root eyesore on your property. We can get rid of your exposed roots in a safe way that doesn't compromise your tree or put your property or family at risk. Call today to learn more about this service and schedule an inspection.

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Entertain Safely By Getting Tree Root Removal in Attleboro

The time of the year is approaching when you will be much more involved in outdoor activities, especially entertaining. Although you may not be liable for most slip and fall injuries on your property, you could in the case of exposed roots leading to injury. Therefore, before you start having fun on your property this year, it may be a good idea to remove those exposed roots that are popping up all over your lawn.

Not only will you keep your guests safe, but resolving this issue will be good for your tree over the long term. So don't wait any longer to do something about your exposed tree roots. Instead, contact one of our tree experts today to learn more and get a FREE quote on tree root removal in Attleboro.

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Get Rid of Those Tree Stumps!

After we remove trees in Attleboro, you have the option to get your tree stump removed for an additional cost or keep it. Some customers choose to keep it. They usually are fascinated by the tree stump and opt to do creative things with it, including turning it into a piece of furniture in their yard. While we don't want to stifle the creative genius of our customers, keeping tree stumps after tree removal isn't ideal.

One reason you should get rid of your tree stump as soon as possible is that it can attract fungus. Unfortunately, this tree fungus may not only affect the stump but could even spread to healthy trees in your yard. Another reason you should get rid of your stump is that it can attract pests. For example, carpenter ants and termites feast on rotting stumps. Just like with fungus, this infestation can spread to your house, where carpenter ants and termites can start to wreak havoc on your home.

While it may be tempting to keep your tree stump, it is ideal for getting rid of it as soon as possible before it causes other problems in your yard. Do you need a quote on a tree stump and root removal in Attleboro? Don't hesitate to call today for an inspection and FREE estimate.



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Other Tree Services Available in Attleboro

The tree experts at Attleboro Tree Removal Services perform a fair share of tree removal services as part of our business. But, don't forget, tree perseveration is also a significant part of the services we provide. As arborists, one of our primary goals is to keep a tree healthy and thriving because it benefits the environment. Therefore, we use various strategies to keep your tree alive and growing. These include disease treatments, pest control, trimming and pruning, and a host of other beneficial tree care services. Call today to learn more about how we can save your tree! Or if you require, tree removal in Attleboro get in touch.

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